FISH shaped biscuits and real dried FISH wrapped in biscuit

If your dog likes fish (some do, some don’t), they will LOVE our Fish biscuits.  Lovingly nicknamed ‘Fish in Blankets’ these treats contain whole fish (white bait) wrapped in classic Discuit biscuit.  The smaller fish bikkies are a simple classic Discuit biscuit mixed with crushed dried fish.  Naturally containing Omega oils, these bikkies are good for skin and coats, providing a healthy tasty treat for your dog.  Also, as we don’t catch and dry the fish ourselves, we source them from a local pet supply company so no human tasting (if you were tempted!).

Ingredients:  Wholemeal flour, white bait, milk, egg and a tiny bit of home rendered chicken fat.

Additional Information
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 3 cm